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Listen to how do you get that lonely I Wanting Sex Date

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Listen to how do you get that lonely

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How do you hurt that bad? To make thah make the call that having no life at all is better than the life that you had?

Listen to how do you get that lonely

Jamie Teachenor and Rory Feek asked themselves those questions on the first day the two country songwriters sat down to write with each. The session was interrupted by a phone call: It was Feek's daughter's high school, who called with the news that her best friend's boyfriend, year-old Lance Emmitt, had committed suicide. In response the two penned listen to how do you get that lonely Do You Get That Lonely," a hit ladies wants nsa Grenville country singer Blaine Larsen that helped bring comfort to Emmitt's family and friends, and clarity to others contemplating suicide.

Blaine Larsen recorded this, and it's a tribute and dedication to liten memory of Lance Emmitt, who took his life. The song, I think, is one of the most powerful ones I've ever heard, but I think it's got a message in the sadness of it all that's empowering to somebody that might find themselves in that situation. Tell us about it.

I'd been asking him to write a song. We sat down, the first time we'd ever written, and it was a Wednesday, Nov.

lonrly It was the anniversary of the day that his dad had passed away, a few years. So he had that on his mind, and we were trying to figure out, as we say, a new way to rhyme "love," and just wanted to come up with something fresh, something uptempo that we thought someone would record.

He got a phone call and stepped out of the room for a second, at Murrah Music over on 16th Avenue. It was the office of his daughter's high school, and her best friend's boyfriend had taken his life.

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I feel like great songs are not written. I feel like they're. We were just in the right room at the right time.

If we had been in a different room, a different phone call, we would have never written that song. You played it for me pretty soon after you wrote it, and Lonnely went, "I love.

How Do You Get That Lonely? | Chicken Soup for the Soul

It's so powerful. It's going to help, but nobody's ever going to record.

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Well, a lot of people felt that way. A friend of his brother had taken his life. We didn't know any of so details.

I Am Looking Teen Sex Listen to how do you get that lonely

We just made up a story. We didn't know a lot of those things, but a lot of those things we wrote ended up being similar.

It's really interesting that they would come out that way, and I'm thankful thaat the Lord that that song was used, because a radio station got in touch and told us the story that this young girl went into her dad and mom's room and took a gun out of the nightstand, and put it to her temple.

She had decided she was going to take her life. She hot sex in Matheson a teenager.

Find song by lyrics - Looking for songs by the lyrics

And the song came on the radio, and she stood there for four minutes and one second or whatever it is — it's a pretty long song — with the gun and listened to every word of the song. She had never heard mdma experience before, and she went into the other room, gave the gun to her mom and told her mom what happened.

She realized no one knew — "How do you get that lonely, and nobody knows? In partnership with Nashville Songwriters Association International, each week we will release a new video interview with a Nashville songwriter about his or her work.

Visit Tennessean. Story Behind the Song: